02-25 | Sat

TokenPocket UI adjustment notifications

Affected by the change of OKEx's name to OKX, TokenPocket has adjusted the corresponding public chain, wallet, assets, background and other related content, and other functions are not affected, please use it at ease.

TokenPocket Foundation 17:21

02-24 | Fri

iOS New version will adjust some services.

In order to comply with the App Store review guidelines, TokenPocket has announced that it will release a new version on the App Store soon, which will remove the DApp list of the "Discovery" page, but keep DApp browser and its historical data, and users still can search and favorite DApps. This process has no affections to your asset’s safety.

TokenPocket 17:36

01-27 | Fri

The service upgrade of TRON.

Dear TokenPocket users: We will upgrade the service of TRON on TokenPocket on Feb 1, 2022. During the upgrade period, the transaction records will be affected. At the start of the upgrade, only the transaction records of the last week can be stored. After the upgrade is complete, all new transaction records are unaffected. The estimated upgrade time is one week. Your assets are stored on the chain, and the assets are controlled by your private key and secret recovery phrase. Service upgrade will not affect asset security. TokenPocket 2022/01/27

TokenPocket 18:47

01-25 | Wed

Klaytn node is being maintained.

Dear Klaytn users, In order to improve the user experience of Klaytn, we are gonna upgrade the data of Klaytn from 6:30 AM UTC, which will last for half an hour. During the upgrade, only your transaction history will be affected. Your asset is safe! We are sorry for the inconvenience. TokenPocket

TokenPocket 14:22

12-17 | Sat

Join the HCG Community Quiz

Join the Community Quiz Full marks user is eligible to claim 1 HCK 5000 @HeroCatGameFi HCK keys to be given! Join the quiz now(Ends on 22nd Dec, 12pm UTC): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc4D4xk9OvYkK2vI9saQltnTaAziPCyMW3LZwWrSS3ZSxVkFA/viewform p.s. If participants were over 5000, extra airdrops will be delivered

Twitter @TokenPocket_TP 15:48

12-06 | Tues

Polygon Network Maintainance on TokenPocket Has Completed

Dear TokenPocket Users: The transactions history and token price on the Polygon network are displayed well and on time now, sorry for the inconvenience

TokenPocket 10:08

12-05 | Mon

Polygon Service Maintenance Notice

Dear users, due to the hard fork of the Polygon node, Polygon's transaction records and Token prices may be affected, and will be restored later. We are sorry about the inconvenience.

TokenPocket 23:37

12-02 | Fri

EOS node is being maintained and upgraded

Dear TokenPocket users: The EOS node will be maintained and upgraded at 3:00 pm on December 2, 2021. During the maintenance and upgrade period, transaction records, transfers, etc. will not be affected. The estimated upgrade time is one hour, it will be completed at 4:00 pm. Your assets are stored on the chain, the maintenance and upgrade of the node will not affect asset security. Please wait with the patient. TokenPocket 2021/12/02

TokenPocket 15:11

12-01 | Thur

TokenPocket is now available on AppStore

We are very excited to tell you that the iOS version of TokenPocket has been relaunched in the AppStore. You can now search and download it. Kindly reminder, in order to prevent fraud, please pay attention during the downloading process, the developer of TokenPocket is TOKENPOCKET FOUNDATION LTD. Download link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tokenpocket-crypto-defi-wallet/id1436028697

TokenPocket 01:39

11-23 | Wed

Join AMA of Token Pocket & Organix to Win 20000 OGX rewards

Join AMA of Token Pocket & Organix to Win 20000 OGX rewards Time: EST -5 , Thursday, Nov.25, 07:00 am Join: https://t.me/tokenpocket_en All you need in the synthetic assets market. Welcome! 快来加入Token Pocket & Organix的AMA,赢取总共20000的OGX奖励 时间:本周四25日 晚上8点 链接:https://t.me/tokenpocket_en 关于合成资产衍生品市场你所需要的一切,都在这里

https://t.me/tokenpocket_en 16:01

11-21 | Mon

BSC node is being maintained and upgraded.

Dear TokenPocket users: The BSC node is currently being maintained and upgraded. During the maintenance and upgrade period, transaction records will be affected. The estimated upgrade time is one hour and thirty minutes. After the upgrade is complete, you can resume use. Your assets are stored on the chain, which will not affect asset security. Please wait. 2021/11/21

TokenPocket 15:39

11-18 | Fri

Welcome to join TokenPocket & DAS's AMA

We are so happy to cooperate with DAS to hold AMA on Nov. 22 22:00(EST). DAS is the one and only cross-chain DID , will soon support BSC . TokenPocket has now completed the integration of the DAS SDK. You can now transfer assets directly to other’s .bit account. No need to enter long addresses again! You could search ‘DAS’ DApp or ‘da.systems’, select a registrar and find your favourite DAS account to register a DAS account. Welcome to join the AMA, superb prizes await you.🎁10 winners to grab 10 free .bit accounts (worth $500), 1 winner to choose any .bit account (≥5 digits). Join: https://discord.gg/CNNwYDcneC

https://discord.gg/CNNwYDcneC 20:25

11-06 | Sun

TokenPocket has too much traffic and is resuming.

Dear users, TokenPocket is currently facing a large amount of traffic access, which causes some data services to freeze. TokenPocket is urgently repairing the current situation. Please don't worry. Abnormal traffic will not affect the security of your wallet. The private key and secret recovery phrase are stored on the user's device, and your assets are safe. Please don't trust anyone who claims to be an official person. Anyone who directly communicates with you is a scammer! Don't share the private key and secret recovery phrase with anyone, please be vigilant! Sorry for the inconvenience!

tokenpocket 12:31

11-04 | Fri

Announcement on the temporary removal of the iOS version of TokenPocket by the App Store

We are very sorry to inform you that TokenPocket APP was removed from App Store on Nov 3, 2021, for the reason that PayPal unilaterally filed a complaint with the TokenPocket trademark issue. We have received a lawyer’s letter from PayPal in 2021, which is about the dispute with our company’s trademark. We attach great importance to this and dispatched professionals to conduct research on both sides' trademarks, sorting out, and communicating in detail in the form of pictures and texts to explain the differences on both sides' trademarks. We want to resolve them in a friendly negotiation way, and PayPal has no more replies to this. TokenPocket started web3.0 related business in the blockchain industry as early as 2018. It is a leading crypto wallet service provider with more than tens of millions of users in more than 200 countries and regions. As a giant in the traditional Internet payment industry, PayPal began to invest in blockchain projects in 2019 and will have a corresponding landing action in 2021. We are currently having effective communication with App Store, and hope to settle the dispute through friendly negotiation with PayPal. At the same time, we also reserve the legal means to defend our rights. TokenPocket reminds the iOS users once again. Do not trust any proactive inquiry from anyone who claims to be an official. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Email: service@tokenpocket.pro Official website: https://tokenpocket.pro/

TokenPocket 13:04

10-26 | Wed

TokenPocket has obtained the MSB license issued by FinCEN in the United States

The multi-chain self-custodial wallet TokenPocket has obtained the MSB (Money Services Business) license issued by FinCEN to fully expand overseas operations. TokenPocket will apply for compliance licenses in more countries and regions to provide users with diversified related crypto services. TokenPocket is the world's leading multi-chain self-custodial wallet. The wallet's private key is stored in the user's device, and the asset is completely controlled by the user. TokenPocket currently supports BTC, ETH, BSC, Polygon, Solana, HECO, Klaytn, Avalanche, TRX, OEC, HSC, Fantom, Polkadot, Kusama, EOS and other mainstream public chains, providing safe and reliable services to over 10 million users worldwide. The number of TokenPocket’s monthly active users has exceeded 3 million, with users in more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

TokenPocket Foundation 14:29

10-15 | Sat

Coinbase unveils its Digital Asset Policy Proposal to spark conversation around comprehensive crypto regulation

On Thursday, cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase published its Digital Asset Policy Proposal, a document offering both a justification and conceptual framework for the comprehensive regulation of digital assets in the United States. Coinbase presented the proposal as a product of dozens of meetings with industry participants, policymakers, crypto innovators and academics that the company’s representatives had held in the last several weeks. The firm’s intention is for the proposal to “animate an open and constructive discussion regarding the role of digital assets in our shared economic future” and offer good-faith suggestions on what a sensible approach to crypto regulation might look like.

Kirill Bryanov 15:11


Paris Hilton and Pranksy collections featured by Sotheby's new NFT platform

Prestigious auction house Sotheby’s has launched a new Metaverse themed NFT platform. The platform is dubbed “Sotheby’s Metaverse” and was announced alongside the “Natively Digital 1.2: The Collectors” (ND1.2) auction that will run between Oct. 18 and Oct. 26. The auction consists of 53 lots of tokenized art from the vaults of 19 curators. Welcome to Sotheby's Metaverse. https://t.co/hZvYIkO3xx pic.twitter.com/9Wl9fUwibe

Brian Quarmby 15:04


What will happen if a Bitcoin ETF is approved? Find out on ‘The Market Report’ with Mati Greenspan

Join Cointelegraph host and analyst Benton Yaun alongside resident market experts Jordan Finneseth and Marcel Pechman on “The Market Report” — which is live right now! Here’s what to expect in this week’s markets news breakdown: After the weekly news round-up, Mati Greenspan, founder and CEO of Quantum Economics, joins to talk about how more institutions are getting involved in Bitcoin, the approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), regulations and how crypto might help ease wealth inequality. Using insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, a platform for crypto traders who want to stay one step ahead of the market, the Cointelegraph experts identify two altcoins that stood out this week: TomoChain‘s TOMO and Stacks’ STX coins.

Cointelegraph 14:54


SEC likely to allow Bitcoin futures ETF to trade next week: Reports

The long wait for a Bitcoin exchange-traded product could soon be over according to sources reported by financial media giant Bloomberg. Citing “people familiar with the matter” Bloomberg has reported that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is poised to approve the first Bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds in the country. The anonymous sources said:

Martin Young 14:47


Canadian city plans to supply residents’ heat using Bitcoin mining

MintGreen, a Canada-based cleantech cryptocurrency miner, will be partnering with the Lonsdale Energy Corporation to supply heat to residents of North Vancouver in British Columbia starting in 2022. In a Thursday announcement, MintGreen said its “digital boilers” — which it claims can recover more than 96% of the electricity used for Bitcoin (BTC) mining — will prevent 20,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases per megawatt from entering the atmosphere during its arrangement with North Vancouver. The recovered energy will be used to heat 100 residential and commercial buildings in the Canadian city with a population of roughly 155,000. Colin Sullivan, the CEO of MintGreen, said the partnership was aimed at tackling issues related to climate change. According to a December 2020 report from the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, building operations and their construction accounted for roughly 38% of carbon dioxide emissions in urban areas.

Turner Wright 14:41


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