02-24 | Tues

“Crypto Knights” is officially launched today

“Crypto Knights”, the world's first blockchain idle game that supports staking, the English is officially launched today. There's more to come, stay tuned! Learn more at the official website:

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02-22 | Sun

The Completion of TokenPocket Server Maintenance

Dear users: The maintenance of EOS transaction history server has been completed. Please feel free to use it. Thank you for your attention and support! TokenPocket February 22, 2020

TokenPocket 18:11


TokenPocket will start to maintain the EOS transaction history

Dear Users: In order to provide you with a better user experience, we will start to maintain the EOS transaction history, it will be started at 2020/02/22 3:30 pm UTC+8, and last for 2 hour. We are so sorry to bring the convenience. Best Regards, TokenPocket

TokenPocket 15:32


BuiltOnEOSIO: Prospectors Gold Mining Economic Strategy Game

Block.One recently interviewed Nazar Chervinskiy, CEO and co-founder of Prospectors, the first Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy (MMORTES) game already launched on several EOSIO chains. What is Prospectors? Players of this game will be immersed in a world based on the 19th century Wild West. They will have three workers that they can use to complete missions and collect resources from the land of the game, like coal, clay and gold. All players will have to interact with each other to build some elements or exchange and sell resources. It is precisely this side of the game that exploits the blockchain, which makes Prospectors more transparent and profitable. learn more:

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02-20 | Fri

Liquidchains: instant customizable blockchains

LiquidApps has just released their brand new enterprise specific solution: LiquidChains. What are the advantages of this new concept? And how can it be used? LiquidChains is a blockchain-as-a-service, which takes the best of both public and private chains to create the most suitable solution for enterprises. Through LiquidChains users can set up a customisable chain in minutes and connect it to a public blockchain for transparent record-keeping. In this way the LiquidChains are halfway between permissionless and permissioned public and private blockchain, with some particular advantages: Easy to set up Scalable and as high-performance as a permissioned blockchain Offer auditability and control if connected to a public blockchain Users can choose which data to keep confidential and which to share on a public blockchain Connectable to any DAPP Network tools

eosgo 12:51


Agora Innovation obtains a seven-digit investment from FinLab EOS VC

Agora Innovation obtains a seven-digit investment from FinLab EOS VC, a venture capital fund backed by and FinLab AG. Through their product: IVE.ONE, Agora brings compliant digital assets on both the Ethereum and EOSIO blockchains. With this financing round they will aim to expand their marketing activities, especially in the Asian and European markets. In addition, they will focus on the integration of the EOSIO blockchain protocol, which will allow them to achieve greater flexibility.

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02-19 | Thur

Binance: EOS Governance Analysis

Binance recently carried out and published an analysis on the governance of EOS, highlighting all its problems and possible weaknesses. Many of these topics have already been discussed repeatedly within the community during 2019. Will EOS be able to improve once again and carry on the title of the most used public blockchain? Starting from a (failed) attempt to objectively define decentralization and measure it, it was explained the mechanism of delegated Proof of Stake running on EOS. In particular: "21 block producers (BPs) are elected by EOS token holders from a broader set of block producer candidates". To understand later whether EOS is decentralized or not, they referred to the concept of decentralization defined by Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, in 2017, according to which decentralization has 3 main objectives: 1. collusion resistance 2. fault tolerance 3. attack resistance learn more:

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02-17 | Tues

More about Voice, directly from Dan and Brendan

It's already been 3 days since the launch of the Voice beta, videos and screenshots of the platform have started to be shown in the community. Meanwhile on twitter both Dan Larimer and Brendan Blumer, respectively CTO and CEO of Block.One, have answered some doubts about Voice. Below you can find a collection of the most important discussions: Voice contents will soon be for public viewing It's possible to delete posts on Voice However we can mirror every content on other platforms Why should Voice use blockchains? Voice content censorship VS Complete censorship resistance learn more:

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02-15 | Sun

Voice Beta started! What do we know until now?

Exactly on Valentine's Day 2020, Block.One finally launched the beta version of Voice, the decentralized media network. What's new in Voice? And what do we know so far? For the launch of the beta, Voice's CEO published a letter of introduction to Voice (Why We're Here), seeking to be the first media network with integrity as its core principle and creating a community free from fake accounts and fake news. Contrary to all the media networks that precede it. At the moment the beta version is accessible only to residents of the United States who have requested it. The voice website, in particular the Help Center, has been updated with new information to understand how the platform works and how to start using it for those who have access. Below is a summary of the most relevant information. learn more:

EOSGO 12:00

02-14 | Sat

Newdex Valentine's Day Activity Ends Ahead of Time Due to the Popularity

DappRadar, the Dapp market data platform, the data shows on February 14 that Newdex, the world's leading Decentralized Exchange, has ranked first among all blockchain Exchanges. Newdex activity "Meet Voice with You on Valentine's Day " has ignited the EOS ecosystem again. Due to the activity is welcomed by users, gifts worth of approx. USD 14,362 including DICE, SOV, SAND, DRAGON, APX, XPC, KROWN, SVX and 100 cold wallet memory boxes sponsored by Starteos have been exhausted in advance. Newdex wishes users a Happy Valentine's Day. At the same time, Newdex expresses great gratitude to the nine project parties who have participated in the sponsorship of this activity, as well as the partners who have helped to promote it. Newdex's first theme activity in 2020 has officially ended. Newdex will continue to hold more interesting and warm theme activities in the future. Welcome more project parties to participate in together to build a more prosperous EOS ecosystem!

Newdex 15:39

02-13 | Fri

TP Exchange: Get 1 USDT for Each Invitation And Enjoy a 30% Commission Fees

TP Exchange started the invitation rewards today, you can get 1 USDT for each invitation and enjoy a 30% commission fees. 1、You can get 1 USDT for each invitation 2、You can unlock the reward when your friend has finished the KYC and reached 2,000 USDT trading volume. 3、In the first 120 days, you will receive 30% commission fee for each order made by your friends. Your friends must has finished the KYC 4、Invite more friends, get more rewards

TokenPocket 10:53

02-12 | Thur

Meet Voice with Newdex on Valentine's Day with Gifts Worth of approx. USD 14,362

A large online activity " Meet Voice on Valentine's Day" organized by Newdex, the world's leading Decentralized Exchange, has officially launched. The activity is from February 13, 10:00 to February 15, 10:00 (UTC). The total value of the prize wheel is about USD 14,362. The prizes include: DICE, SOV, SAND, DRAGON, APX, XPC, KROWN, SVX and 100 cold wallet memory boxes sponsored by Starteos. Users can get lucky draw chances by logging in to Newdex daily, buying designated tokens, completing Newdex OTC verification and becoming Newdex VIP member. As the largest Decentralized Exchange in the EOS ecosystem, Newdex will look forward to the launch of Voice with everyone and will support Voice trading and apply for entry timely. Share the feast of decentralized social Media together and look forward to the launch of Voice with Newdex! Activity link:

Newdex 16:14


VOICE Beta limited to the USA

The voice team has announced that the beta coming on February 14 will be limited only to the United States. According to the team, the choice is mainly due to two reasons. The goal of VOICE is to restore the public trust in the media, a topic that has been prevalent in recent years especially in the United States. They want to address the conflict directly to the source. Apparently the team dedicated to Voice development is mainly located in the United States. Focusing on this market they will be able to receive feedbacks from users and improve themselves in a more efficient manner. Once they start the beta testing period in the United States, they will expand into other English speaking countries and then expand globally. So the USA limitation is only temporary; we hope to see Voice open in other countries as soon as possible! Because that’s what we’re here for, and what we’re building for

Voice 14:32


EOSIO reaches a new transaction per second record: 9,656

During the last week a stress test was carried out on Jungle: an EOSIO testnet that has been active since before the launch of the EOS mainnet. In this last stress test a new record was confirmed regarding the number of transactions per second made in the chain, reaching 9,565 transactions! The transactions performed were a mixture of token transfers, empty transactions and deferred transactions launched by some participants with the sole objective of spamming the network. Participants included EOS Barcelona, EOS USA, Aloha EOS and eosDAC. "It is likely that a larger number of participants and/or optimization with minimally sized transactions would have set the maximum TPS over 10,000, which is an attractive milestone, but wasn’t the goal of the testing." In addition to the new record of transactions per second, the stress test also showed better overall network stability, as well as fewer forks.

EOSGO 14:31

02-10 | Tues

Brendan Blumer on Twitter, new insights for EOS and Voice?

Brendan Blumer has been very active on Twitter, responding to some tweets about both EOS and VOICE. Among all the answers we can find some interesting insights that might also inform future developments of VOICE and EOSIO. Topics covered: VOICE privacy features EOS deterministic inflation Block Producers' rebates Block Producers freemarket ranking learn more:

eosgo 11:14

02-08 | Sun

LiquidX released, what benefits can it bring to EOS?

The LiquidApps team has released LiquidX, a new service that will allow any EOSIO and non-EOSIO chains to use the DAPP Network. Could this expansion bring further benefits to the EOS mainnet? "LiquidX makes the DAPP Network available for every EOSIO chain, and potentially non-EOSIO chains beyond. As explained in their article, the real strength of EOSIO chains is that they can be optimized not only vertically, for example by improving transaction efficiency, but also horizontally through the interoperability of new chains. The LiquidApps team has been constantly working with this goal in mind for over a year now, to make EOSIO chains (and not only those) more and more scalable and collaborative. LiquidX is the service that will allow EOSIO chains to communicate with each other in a decentralized way through the DAPP Network. Any EOSIO chain can implement the DAPP Network through a system contract under the multisig control of the Block Producers and interact with other chains through the DAPP layer. The expansion of the DAPP Network can only have positive results for the EOS mainnet. Apparently, the staking of DAPP tokens will remain in the EOS mainnet, where the settlement and service provisioning of the DAPP Network take place. Furthermore, it is assumed that the new chains are intended to be interoperability with the mainnet, thus increasing the potential number of users for a better user experience.

EOSGO 03:05

02-06 | Fri
EOS offers 200k USD to run ETH inside an EOS smart contract!

Today is announcing a challenge worth 200,000 USD. The reward will be given to whoever builds an EOSIO smart contract that can run Solidity (Ethrereum) smart contracts in it.

EOSGO 00:50


Genpool: Create your own voter reward proxy!

The GenerEOS team, one of the original BP candidates of EOS, just introduced a new platform that’s set to change proxies mechanics on the Mainnet. This sort of proxies started popping up on the EOS Mainnet over a year ago, initially these were only created by some of the Chinese BP candidates and neglected by the community in general. However since EOS Nation created their version of the Reward Proxy, one that voted for god BPs and provided rewards to the voters; this practice became accepted as part of the EOS Governance. The barrier to create such a proxy was still too high, and the competition for a good reward proxy was not there. Keeping it to only 3 major Western Reward Proxies and 2 Eastern: -EOS Nation Reward Proxy -Colin Crypto Reward Proxy -Voter Value Proxy -Newdex Proxy -Bigone Proxy Genpool is here to shake things up. Anyone can create their own proxy or view supported proxies and compare them before choosing to vote for one.

EOSGO 00:49

02-03 | Tues

Dan Larimer spoke at the Government Blockchain Association

Dan spoke at the GBA (Government Blockchain Association), an association that focuses on promoting blockchain technology to government. This event was held in Washington at the U.S. Capital Congressional Auditorium. The topic of Dan’s speech was: Designing with end-to-end security, the risks of traditional databases and passwords, and the future of blockchain and problems it solves. In the speech Daniel shares some personal experiences with hacks on exchanges and explains how traditional database and servers are not efficient for the future. He also gives insights in some issues they had with databases while building Voice EOSIO is solving many of these problems. Not only that but he mentions how quickly they are working on making EOSIO faster and more efficient as time goes. Listen to the full speech on YouTube:

EOSGO 11:51

01-28 | Wed

Chintai Merchant Network: Customized Leasing Platforms

Chintai announced their new service: the Chintai Merchant Network. Chintai is a DeFi engine for leasing and trading digital assets, their traditional exchange can be accessed at However through the Chintai Merchant Network anyone will have the tools to host their own custom DeFi products. Using the Chintai Merchant Network anyone can create his own asset exchange platform and managing it independently while using the Chintai on-chain engine. In this way the development costs are completely removed and it will be much easier to integrate a leasing system directly into dApps, for example for NFTs lending. "The Merchant Network allows for NFT leasing and trading to be seamlessly integrated into games. And if anyone wants to setup a secondary market place they could easily do so with a custom UI that reflects the experiences of a specific game and interests of a given community." All markets created using the Merchant Network will share the same order book to solve the problem of low liquidity.

EOSGO 11:32

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