10-21 | Thur

BB: Easy and Safe Bitcoin Gateways Will Be One of Biggest Drivers of Growth for Dapp Platforms

The Defibox Official tweeted yesterday that the amount of Defibox PBTC liquidity pool has exceeded 50 PBTC, accounting for 70% of the PBTC circulating supply on EOS chain. pNetwork introduced BTC to the EOS network and realized the cross-chain feature on the EOS network ahead of time, greatly enhancing the value of the EOS network. In response, CEO Brendan Blumer (BB) replied that easy and safe Bitcoin gateways will be one of biggest drivers of growth for Dapp platforms.

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10-20 | Wed

Pomp says US digital dollar needs to happen now

Recent comments from Jerome Powell, the chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, show the American government is not especially concerned with speed when it comes to developing a central bank digital currency, or CBDC. In contrast, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano argues that time is of the essence.   "They're talking about like, maybe we'll build one in the next couple of years," Pompliano said of Powell's recent comments on CBDCs. "This is not a next couple of years thing," Pomp said on an Oct. 19 episode of his YouTube show, Lunch Money. Powell expressed the importance of accuracy over speed when it comes to issuing a CBDC during a discussion about cross-border payments on Oct. 19. "We have not made a decision to issue a CBDC, and we think there’s a great deal of work yet to be done," Powell said, placing greater focus on building a CBDC correctly than winning the digital currency race. 

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Telecoms protocol from 1975 exploited to target 20 crypto executives

Hackers compromised Telegram messenger and email accounts of multiple cryptocurrency executives last month by exploiting a vulnerability in a decades-old protocol.  The fraudsters are believed to have been trying to intercept two-factor authentication codes of victims in an attack on Israel-based telecommunications provider Partner Communications Company, formerly known as Orange Israel. The attacks are currently being investigated by Israel’s National Cyber Security Authority and national intelligence agency Mossad.

Samuel Haig 23:31


Bitcoin trading dominance hits 2017-levels not seen since $20,000 BTC

The cryptocurrency market has suddenly shifted back to Bitcoin (BTC) after several months of a decentralized finance (DeFi) frenzy. While market cap dominance remains below 60%, earlier this month, the trading dominance of BTC has spiked to levels not seen since 2017 when the price hit an all-time high at $20,000. The trading dominance of Bitcoin against other major cryptocurrencies. Source: TheTie

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Filecoin creator denies strike allegations

Juan Benet, the creator of blockchain-based data storage platform Filecoin, has called allegations that miners of its token have been on strike since last week “nonsense.” According to a report by, five of the largest Filecoin miners turned off thousands of rigs to protest the platform's economic model. Under this system, miners are required to stake Filecoin tokens (FIL) as collateral when producing a block. However, many of them are apparently coming up short in the number of tokens needed. Crypto Twitter user Nico Deva was one of the first to claim that “a majority of miners” were on strike following allegations that they needed to buy Filecoin tokens (FIL) to take advantage of mining capacity. This allegedly did not sit well with some of the top miners in China, leading to reports of a possible strike.

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Report ranks crypto next to gold in popularity with Russian investors

Cryptocurrency investment is one of the most popular investment tools in Russia, according to a new report. The World Gold Council, a major market development organization for the gold industry, released a report on retail gold insights in Russia on Oct. 20. According to the report, cryptocurrency is currently the fifth-most popular investment tool in Russia after savings accounts, foreign currencies, real estate and life insurance. As part of the World Gold Council's rankings of Russian investments made in the past 12 months, cryptocurrency is followed by gold, accounting for 17% and 16%, respectively.

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Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract to launch this week: ConsenSys dev

ConsenSys developer Ben Edgington has published an update that predicts the ETH 2.0 beacon chain genesis will happen within the next six to eight weeks. In a post announcing the launch of ‘V1.0.0 release candidate 0’, Edgington revealed the protocol’s deposit contract address feature should be announced this week. The deposit contract allows ETH to be sent between Ethereum and ETH 2.0, and is one of the few remaining updates needed to facilitate the roll-out of ETH 2.0 phase 0: However, the PegaSys engineering group developer emphasized his prediction “is not an official statement.”

Samuel Haig 23:19


Japanese messaging giant Line developing CBDC platform

Line, a Tokyo-based subsidiary of the South Korean internet search engine company Naver, is building a platform for developing central bank digital currencies, South Korean news agency the Chosun Ilbo reported on Oct. 19. Sources familiar with the matter reportedly told Chosun Ilbo that Line aims to support the development of a so-called “customized CBDC.” The messaging company is discussing the application of its blockchain-based CBDC platform with several central banks in major Asian countries, according to the report. Line executives said that they cannot disclose the exact countries that are considering the platform’s application.

Helen Partz 23:12


Bitcoin price nears final hurdle at $12K before bull market euphoria

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) had to hold the crucial support level between $11,100-11,300, and it did. After this support test, the price of BTC continued to surge upward on Oct. 20, reaching the crucial resistance area between $11,900-12,200. This upward move came along with weakness in the dollar, as the U.S. Dollar Currency Index (DXY) dropped substantially. A correlation that’s been effective throughout 2020 already.  However, other cryptocurrencies haven’t been following in Bitcoin’s footsteps as altcoins are selling off heavily. Is the attention shifting back to Bitcoin? 

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Rewards for Everyone! | Organix Invites You to Participate in the Second Round of Test

Organix's first small-scale test has now been successfully completed. After a period of improvement, we will formally conduct the second round of testing on October 20, 2020. At the same time, we have prepared a series of rewarding campaigns and look forward to your participation. See here! Activity 1: Participate in the Organix Test v2 to share 10,000 OGX Activity 2: Participate in the test trading competition, the #1 user will get 10000 OGX rewards! Activity 3: Follow Organix Twitter. RT and join the Lucky Draw Activity 4: Participate in the BUG bounty and receive OGX rewards Long-term activities: Organix Community Content Creation For full event details and reward details, please visit: If you have any questions, please contact OGX official customer service via telegram: The Organix Foundation reserves all the rights for the final explanation. The Organix Foundation

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Bitcoin network's hashrate is143.63EH/s,mining difficulty is20.00T

According to data from,bitcoin network's hashrate is143.63EH/s,mining difficulty is20.00T. Next Difficulty Estimated:(+2.03%)20.40T Date to Next Difficulty:11Days8Hours Unconfirmed Txs:17,874

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Ethereum network's hashrate is 252,522.18 GH/s,mining difficulty is 3,330.98T

According to data from,ethereum network's hashrate is252,522.18 GH/s,mining difficulty is3,330.98T. ETH's price :$ 376.77 Avg Gas Price:37.00Gwei Pending Txs :148868

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There Are over 50 PBTC in Defibox PBTC Liquidity Pool, Accounting for 70% of PBTC Circulating Supply on EOS Chain

According to the data on the Defibox page, there are over 50 PBTC in Defibox PBTC liquidity pool, of which 38.8 PBTC is in EOS-PBTC liquidity pool and 11.8 PBTC is in USDT-PBTC liquidity pool, accounting for 70% of circulating supply 71.74 PBTC on EOS chain. PBTC is a pegged BTC token issued by pTokens on EOS chain, which can be swapped for BTC at the ratio of 1:1. PBTC means realizing the cross-chain feature in the EOS network ahead of time, introducing BTC into the EOS network, and greatly enhancing the value of the EOS network.

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10-19 | Tues

Japanese payments firm JCB and Mizuho Bank test blockchain-based ID

Major financial institutions in Japan are moving into blockchain to streamline digital identity systems. Japan’s third-largest bank, Mizuho Bank, and local payment giant JCB are preparing to pilot a digital identity interoperability system based on blockchain technology. The new system will utilize a blockchain solution developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, Fujitsu announced on Oct. 15. The new joint initiative will allow the companies to verify mechanisms to securely transfer and link member ID information by multiple business operators. This data includes names, addresses and employers stored on a cloud platform built by Fujitsu. The pilot will also involve 100 Fujitsu Group employees. The pilot is expected to last for about four months.

Helen Partz 23:23


‘Still so early’ — 7% of Americans have bought Bitcoin, study finds

According to new data from Statista, only 7% of Americans have previously used Bitcoin (BTC). This means current investors in BTC are still in an early stage of growth. Dan Tapiero, the co-founder of 10T Holdings, said Bitcoin is still at the “birth” phase of a new asset class. He wrote: “It's still so early for Bitcoin. Still at the birth of a new global asset class.”

Joseph Young 23:21


Ethereum can rise to $800 in 2020 if this bull ‘mini-cycle’ repeats

Markets tend to behave in massive cycles. One of those cycles is the previous Bitcoin (BTC) price cycle from 2014 to 2017. However, within those cycles, are multiple smaller cycles that could often repeat. A similar approach and analysis can be made for Ethereum’s Ether (ETH), which is outperforming BTC year-to-date, as the majority of its impulse upward moves have corrected heavily to retest previous resistance levels.

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95% of winners in China’s CBDC lottery spent digital yuan prizes

The vast majority of China’s $1.5 million digital yuan lottery winners have received and spent their “red envelopes” of digital yuan. As of Oct. 18, a total of 47,573 out of 50,000 lottery winners in China have received their prizes, Shenzhen authorities officially announced on Sunday. According to the announcement, the winners conducted a total of 62,788 transactions accounting for 8.8 million yuan ($1.3 million). This amount represents about 88% of the total 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) that was to be distributed in the giveaway pilot in Shenzhen.

Helen Partz 23:16


Payments-focused cryptocurrency Dash now has a bridge to DeFi

Dash (DASH) holders will soon be able to access a wide range of decentralized finance, or DeFi, services through a collaboration with StakeHound. According to an announcement on Oct. 19, tokens which are deposited with StakeHound will also earn network rewards through the Dash masternode system. In order to take advantage of the burgeoning DeFi market, Dash holders must send tokens to StakeHound, who will then instantly generate and send back a wrapped ERC-20 representation called stakedDASH.

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Latvian regulators warn public about cryptocurrency fraud

Latvia's Financial and Capital Market Commission has identified suspect transactions and attempted fraud in the domestic cryptocurrency space. In an official warning published on Oct. 19, the FCMC urged investors to "be particularly vigilant, as cryptocurrencies operate in an infrastructure that is currently characterized by lower regulation than in the financial and capital markets."  Within Latvia, the issuance and circulation of cryptocurrencies is mostly unregulated, with exceptions for certain types of investment services and contracts involving crypto that require a license from the FCMC. 

Marie Huillet 23:11


Record fundamentals and a $12K pump: 5 Bitcoin price tips this week

Bitcoin (BTC) starts a new week in familiar territory as markets move into the United States’ 2020 elections — where could it go next? Cointelegraph takes a look at five factors that could influence BTC price action in the week ahead. The U.S. is the firm focal point when it comes to macro markets this week. The Nov. 3 elections promise to set the mood as it becomes more apparent which side will control the White House. 

William Suberg 23:09

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