01-24 | Sat

EOS Casino dApp Exit Scam and drained 20k+ EOS

EOS Go recently received the news that Cryptomania slots, a casino dapp that operated on the EOS mainnet, exit-scam and withdrawn all the funds of its smart contracts, which amounted to over 20k EOS ($70,000), to Huobi and Binance. In the last two months CryptoMania users had dropped dramatically, with a daily volume that was always hovering around 0 EOS, matching the number of users. This was probably also one of the factors that led the team to prepare the exit scam

EOSGO 11:16


LiquidApps launched the DAPP Network Grants Program

LiquidApps recently launched the DAPP Network Grants Program, an opportunity for anyone interested in developing a dApps using the DAPP Network tools, to win up to 300,000 DAPP tokens. Applicants can register on and compete for the best DAPP Network service. There are 4 main themes, the best services for each theme will receive 75,000 DAPP tokens, for a current value of $1150

EOSGO 11:10

01-22 | Thur

WORBLI Asset Purchase Agreement by AmaZix Capital and Origin

WORBLI recently announced an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) for the acquisition of 100% of their assets and 10% of WBI tokens in circulation by with AmaZix Capital and Origin. This transaction will allow WORBLI to have sufficient funds to promote its products and accelerate the development of its technologies in the Fintech and Digital Asset sector. WORBLI's products may include: Base-layer KYC AML Base-layer Tokenised security technology The WBI tokens that will be transferred will be subject to a 6-year lock-up period. AmaZix is a firm focused on advising groundbreaking technology innovators in strategic and corporate finance matters, while Origin is a venture capital business built for the Blockchain Asset Class which include the team of an EOS ex-Block Producer. "Whilst 0rigin have supported us throughout, the addition of AmaZix Capital to WORBLI brings multi-dimensional growth potential that was beyond any of our wildest expectations. I am honoured to be part of what was achieved and those achievements yet to come." - Domenic Thomas, CEO WORBLI

EOSGO 22:24


Block Producers are testing EOS VM: 5x CPU increase

Some Block Producers, such as HelloEOS and Bitfinex, are already testing EOS VM on the EOS Mainnet. According to the results shown on AlohaEOS' tools, we can already witness a CPU improvement of more than 5 times. In fact, taking Bitfinex as an example, the execution time of their node has gone from about 1.30ms to about 0.23ms, resulting in a reduction in execution time of over 80%. We can evaluate as well how the performance has improved since the launch of the mainnet. Again using AlohaEOS' tool, we can observed that in August 2018 the Block Producers' execution time was around 12ms. As a result, using EOS VM we are having an improvement of more than 50 times compared to the first months of EOS, with a reduction in execution time of about 98%.

EOSGO 22:19

01-21 | Wed

BlockBase Airgrab #4 is now in progress. You can sign up at Token Pocket!

About 4M bbt tokens will be distributed on airgrab 4 of BlockBase. An EOS account can only participate in 1 airgrab. They need to hold at least 1 EOS to participate, and need to be at least 1 month old.

TokenPocket 16:00


BlockBase Airgrab #4 is now in progress. You can sign up at Token Pocket!

About 4M bbt tokens will be distributed on airgrab 4 of BlockBase. An EOS account can only participate in 1 airgrab. They need to hold at least 1 EOS to participate, and need to be at least 1 month old.

BlockBase 15:48

01-20 | Tues

Danchor Project Will Be One of the NDX Burning Scenarios

The decentralized staking stable coin project Danchor declares that they will use 25% of monthly interest income and penalty income to buy back and burn NDX from February 1, 2020. Danchor is a EOS-based decentralized staking stable coin project invested by Newdex that supports users in staking EOS to generate USN via smart contract (annual rateof USN generation is as low as 1%), and users can trade on Newdex, which meets the needs of various financial transactions such as leverage transactions and obtaining floating capital. What are you waiting for? Experience Danchor on EOSIO! At present, there are four NDX burning scenarios, namely: 25% of Newdex coin transaction fee (based on the EOS obtained from actual token sell), 25% of Newdex OTC fee, 25% of the Newpool management fee and 25% of the interest income and penalty income from Danchor project. Details:

Newdex 18:11


EOS Mainnet instabilities on the verge of being solved

Some users are having issues with EOS transactions getting reverted even though executed. This causes problems especially with deposits and withdrawals from exchanges. BPs have identified potential cause of the network instability and are working together to fix. Based on EOG Go's research, the situation has become better over the past 12 hours. It is believed that the issue is caused by over-saturated peering node that resulted in cpu hogging, which affected the peering betweeen mainnet BPs.

EOSGO 16:56

01-19 | Mon

Recent EOS FUD stating Voice won’t launch on EOS

In the last 48 hours Coindesk, one of the major crypto media outlets, just published an article written by Brady Dale that’s attempting to FUD on EOS. As for the article’s title the writer states that “Block.One Will Not Launch Its Social Network on EOS”. The article is trying to make a point by declaring promised that Voice would run on the EOS mainnet and plans to do that changed. Since the article was published many questions and FUDs statement were raised both in the Western and Eastern community. To be clear, Voice mentions in the FAQs that in the beta it is going to be hosted in a purpose-made EOSIO blockchain and that they would like to leverage the EOS Public Blockchain in the future. This course of actions is actually a perfectly understandable one since the software is still going to be run on a beta version. Voice beta will be available the 14th of February and we believe it’s going to be released on the recently announced Official EOSIO Testnet: . Once the software goes out of beta, the social network should move to the EOS mainnet where bought 3.3 million EOS of RAM back in May, stating their intent on building on top of the system.

EOSGO 09:34

01-17 | Sat

Staking Stable Coin Project “Danchor” Is Launched Officially

Danchor, the decentralized staking stable coin project invested by Newdex, is officially launched at 08:30 (UTC) on January 17, 2020. Danchor is a decentralized staking stable coin project based on EOS. The stable coin is named USN and 1: 1 pegs to USD. Danchor can be simply understood as MakerDAO (DeFi project on Ethereum) running on EOSIO. Danchor supports users in staking EOS to generate stable coin USN via smart contract, meeting the needs of various financial transactions such as leverage transactions and obtaining floating capital. The Decentralized Exchange Newdex will simultaneously list EOS/USN trading pair, and users can trade and stake EOS to generate USN in Newdex. Welcome to search “Danchor” in TokenPocket, Huobi Wallet, Bitpie, MEET.ONE, imToken, Math Wallet and other mobile Wallets, or log in via using Scatter Desktop Wallet, TokenPocket and Math Wallet. What are you waiting for? Let's start the journey right now!

Newdex 17:00


BlockBase released their smart contracts on Jungle Testnet

BlockBase recently announced the release of their smart contracts in the EOSIO Jungle testnet. BlockBase is a distributed system, based on EOSIO, that applies blockchain related paradigms to provide secure and distributed database storage services. Their system is based on the implementation of sidechains linked to the EOS mainnet, which will be used to store databases and data operations.Currently the team is focused on testing the sidechains consensus mechanism on Jungle. Users can use BlockBase Explorer to test the Network Tracker and find their documentation. While the software is available for download on the BlockBase Node GitHub Repo. They have also introduced new features to their Airgrab. In fact since December 20 every account that signs up for an airgrab should be at least one month old and should hold at least one EOS unstaked or staked to CPU or NET.

eosgo 11:11

01-16 | Fri

Block.One launches an EOSIO Testnet

Block.One announced the launch of its EOSIO testnet available for any EOSIO developer to start learning how to program on EOSIO and test their dApps in an easy way. Features: Multi-node distributed network One-click blockchain account creation Embedded EOSIO Explorer Real-world distributed network Snapshots Support

EOSGO 09:19


3 seconds LIB on EOS? Dan responds

Michael Fletcher of EOS42 asked on Twitter why the confirmation time for transactions on EOS is not reduced to 3 seconds as it was done on BOS. This would be a choice that would greatly improve the user experience on the EOS mainnet. Dan Larimer responded by saying they are already working on reducing confirmation time for business chains, while EOS is still considering options. Immediately afterwards Brendon Ross, a full-stack engineer at EOSIO, continued: "Enterprise clients are asking for this. @bytemaster7 you did previously hint that its coming..but that was a long time ago. Any timeline updates?". Technology blogger Scott Owen immediately posted an answer from Dan in October last year about this issue: "We will have that option for you soon". LIB is "Last Irreversible Block", what is the concept of shortening LIB to 3 seconds? Currently on EOSIO, a transaction basically takes about 3 minutes to enter LIB. Compared to other block chains such as BTC and ETH, EOSIO's transaction time has been significantly improved, but for large-scale commercial application scenarios, the level of minutes Confirmation time will affect the user experience. For example, payment to the store, waiting a few minutes for transaction confirmation, places many restrictions on the user.

eosgo 09:18


LiquidApps integrate the DAPP Network on WAX

LiquidApps and WAX recently announced their new collaboration through which LiquidApps will integrate the DAPP Network on WAX. This will provide WAX developers with a range of tools to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their dApps. Among these tools we can find: LiquidLink: connect dApp to assets, actions, and applications on Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOSIO chains, and more. LiquidOracles: keep SLAs and data verification on-chain, which protects dApp developers from the risks of malicious or accidental failure. vRAM: storage solution for developers that is RAM-compatible, decentralized Zeus SDK: set of libraries, code samples and documentation for building and scaling dApps "The DAPP Network makes the development of dApps more affordable, efficient and scalable through a range of products for developers, service providers and users committed to scaling the blockchain."

EOSGO 09:18

01-15 | Thur

Announcement | TokenPocket will remove the entrance of ENU

From the day we list Enumivo blockchain, we always keep our eyes on the community and its development. Now we decide not to provide further technical support for the Enumivo blockchain and will remove the entrance in TokenPocket on the new version. The related services are remaining available for the existing ENU users in TokenPocket except for the account creation service.

TokenPocket 17:57


The Delegating Amount of Newpool (EOS) Has Exceeded USD 101,574,403, up to 26,752,558 EOS

The world's largest decentralized Staking mining pool, Newpool’s data today: The delegating amount of Newpool (EOS) has exceeded USD 101,574,403, up to 26,752,558 EOS (The 24H highest price of EOS: USD 3.98). The Newdex annual report points out that Newpool's total cumulative dividends is 300,000 EOS in 2019, 3% + APR in EOS pool. At present, Newpool has supported mining on EOS, TRON, IOST and BOS chain. Among them, EOS and BOS have ranked in top 21 BPs. The highest yesterday APR of BOS has reached 66.99%. You just need to delegate your votes to enjoy the benefits from the nodes with no coin transfer. With the sharp increase in APR of decentralized mining pools and the increase in the level of blockchain users’ awareness, users will be more willing to keep their own private keys and control assets themselves, or maybe trigger a withdrawal coin movement in the future.

Newdex 16:11

01-14 | Wed

The Interpretation of Newdex Annual Report: You Missed the Airdrops with Tenfold Increase in 2019

Recently, the world's leading Decentralized Exchange Newdex has released the "2019 Annual Report", pointing out that Newdex VIP members have received a total of 56 airdrops, including tenfold coins which account for 12.5% ​​of the total number of airdrops in 2019. Newdex VIP members can receive at least an airdrop every week in 2019 in average. Users can become Newdex VIP member by buying or staking NDX. As important landing scenario for NDX, Newdex VIP members enjoy fee discount, placing order with free CPU, daily lucky draw, etc. At the same time, NDX is bought back each month. Currently, NDX has been bought back 12 times and burnt 89.169 million. The buy-back scenarios are from 25% of Newdex coin transaction fee, 25% of Newpool management fee and 25% of Newdex OTC fee. Annual report details:

Newdex 15:56

01-13 | Tues

Newdex 2019 Annual Report: Daily Active Users Has Surpassed a Large Number of Centralized Exchanges

Recently, Newdex, the world's leading Decentralized Exchange,has officially released its 2019 Annual Report. The report shows that Newdex Exchange's total annual page views in 2019 were 40,938,799, which has surpassed a large number of Centralized Exchanges and has approached to the page views in second-tier top Exchanges. In 2019, Newdex has realized the leap from single to multi chain, has opened TRON chain trading zone, and has supported EOS side chain trading zones such as WAX, TELOS, BOS, etc. According to the data in DappRadar, Newdex ranked first in daily active users and daily trading volume of all blockchains. While supporting multi-chain trading zone to meet users' token transaction need, Newdex has opened OTC function to open the first channel for cash deposit and withdrawal in EOS ecology. Up to now, the maximum daily trading volume in OTC trading is USD 25,863. Users can withdraw cash through OTC and delegate EOS to Newpool, the new generation of staking pool, generating interest and successfully building one-stop financial service of blockchain. In 2019, Newdex has successfully became the largest Decentralized Exchange in the EOSIO. The number of 24H trading users and daily average trading volume are ahead of other blockchain DEXs. Look forward to new journey with Newdex in 2020! Details of annual report:

Newdex 14:09

01-12 | Mon

Block.One releases EOSIO 2: Faster, Simpler, More Secure just released the stable version of EOSIO 2, with the newest EOS VM integration for massive performance enhancement, the WebAuthn support and much more. "EOSIO 2 was built with developers in mind. Our focus: make it faster, simpler, and more secure to build on EOSIO." From the announcement of the arrival of EOSIO 2 at the B1June, Block.One needed just slightly more than 7 months to release the stable release of EOSIO 2. This clearly shows how much the Block.One team is dedicated to delivering the best blockchain software ever: EOSIO. New features and upgrades of EOSIO 2: EOS VM: New purpose-built WebAssembly engine EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE WebAuthn Support Weighted Threshold Multi-Signature Block Production Multi-threaded net_plugin Chain API Enhancements

eosgo 14:05


Brendan Blumer and Block.One focused on EOS(IO) and more

During the last few hours, Brendan Blumer, CEO at Block.One, replied to a series of comments regarding Block.One and its participation on EOS and within the EOS ecosystem in general. "In 2 years we built the highest performance protocol, released a huge amount of developer resources, launched #EOS, open sourced our wallet, recently announced we will vote, and beta #Voice next month. B1 delivers more follow through than anyone else and is only getting" Below are the most relevant responses to the discussion.

EOSGO 14:04

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